What do our signs mean?

Severn River Crossing has improved its plaza signage. Over the next few months we will also be updating all the motorway signage approaching the plazas. We haven’t changed the way the plaza works, but made the ways you can pay in each lane clearer especially for customers who aren’t regular users.

A green border will always show you that a lane is open, you then simply need to decide which one is right for you based upon what class of vehicle you are and how you want to pay.

You will see these new signs above lanes at the Plaza from 09.00 on Wednesday 8th June 2016:



These lanes are always staffed. They are available for all types of vehicles (including motorbikes) and take all our forms of payment (cash and credit/debit card). You must use one of these lanes if you are exempt from payment of the toll, such as disabled badge holders (see our separate page on Toll Prices for more details).


These lanes are only for Cars paying by credit/debit cards. No other forms of payment are accepted and the lanes are unstaffed. They often have shorter wait times than staffed lanes and so may get you through the plaza quicker. If you are a Class 2 or 3 vehicle you must not use one of these dedicated car/card lanes.


Tag dedicated lanes are available for any vehicle with a Severn Tag. These are the quickest way through the plaza and Tag accounts can be easily opened, managed and topped up using the Tag pages on this website.


A lane showing this sign has been cleared to allow the passage of the emergency services. Please do not obstruct this lane. Once the emergency service has passed the ‘emergency’ sign will be removed.





These symbols show that the lane is closed, or closed for maintenance work. Please do not obstruct these lanes as it will not be possible to use them.


Drivers with wide loads must go to the lane marked “Wide Load”. This will be one of our staffed lanes and the member of staff will deal with you. Please note that payment of the toll charge is still required when using these lanes.